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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Game Play: Katamari Forever (PS3 Review)

Katamari was, in it's original form, difficult to explain but plenty of fun to play. The sum result of The Prince rolling around his ever increasingly girth of a Katamari to J-Pop music translates into a kind of wonderful digital stress ball (even if The King is always on your back).

That the 360 got a Damarcy rendition before Sony is something of a sign of how this generation has gone ... and yet similarly PS3 users are missing out on little but patience here.

Katamari Forever mixes up new levels with old, a mish mash of new graphic modes and more or less the entirety of the original gameplay intact. It really is what PS3 owners have been waiting for - a high def rendition of the first game with all the updates from the sequels along for the ride. One might argue that the game doesn't add enough to change the old formula .. but that just begs the question of why you want to do such a thing.

Obviously highly recommended.


Unknown said...

As I've said elsewhere, I think I got my fill of this concept with the first game. I simply got little to nothing from replaying or playing again on new levels. And, yes, I did finish the first one.

Josh said...

Yeah, I think that's fair. It's always been high on our replay list, a game that after a while we seem to return to -- but without that there's little reason for a return.

Still, I'll take a new Katamari over another Noby Noby any day. Though I guess that kind of goes without saying.