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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No MMS For iPhone 2G???

Are god damn kidding me, Apple? Not buying it.


sanjayjoseph88 said...

it is damn irritating apple are doing this to those of us who went with the iPhone from day 1 and model 1. Swirly mms is proof the original iPhone can send/receive mms. This is just a way for apple to try get us to upgrade to the new model in July.

Reginald.Philippe said...

I agree!! I've emailed Erica Sadun about Apples comment (2G doesn't have the hardware capabilities to support MMS). Hopefully, someone can prove that this is a false comment.

Unknown said...

Apple are just cunts & i shall not be signing up to a new iphone deal come september, great product lousy company with how they treat customers