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Thursday, March 19, 2009

iPhone: On the other hand, In App Purchasing is pretty good.

Let's get specific and say that I don't exactly agree with some of the doom and gloom about downloadable content. All jokes about horse armor aside, DLC hasn't resulted in a glut of worthless content foisted on users, nor has any developer been dumb enough to nickel and dime users just to actually play the game properly. Nor has it stopped some developers and publishers from continuing to offer free downloads and updates.

If we use either the console or PC market as an example, DLC has been more or less a boon for gamers. On the PlayStation 3, PAIN is a brilliant example. It's a low cost game with low cost DLC that lets user try the game out in phases and pay out as they feel like it. We're big fans of the game, and honestly the model works great.

More to the point, DLC gives developers an option (at least, I think it does - I haven't played with the SDK yet) to offer a demo version of their software and unlock the full version without forcing the user to download a new version and delete the old one. "Try to buy" options have been woefully lacking on the platform, and this seems like a pretty mature response from Apple to alleviate the situation.

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