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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TV Watch: Leverage

We were big fans of Hustle when it first kicked off, but suffice to say I wasn't too sad to see the show go after Adrian Lester left season four. I have yet to see this mythical season five, so maybe it redeemed itself.

Fortunately I don't really have to wait. Leverage is an American flavored Hustle with a dash of A-Team thrown in for color. The premise is altered, although only slightly since cons in either show were generally done against "bad" people. The music is the same, as well as many editing riffs to perform reveals to the audience. Both shows, when they're at their best, pull off the concept of a heist movie in the sense that the viewer is always being a little conned as well.

There is some artful dodging of plot holes at times, but the cast and writing keeps the show extremely solid. Angel fans will enjoy seeing Christian Kane getting some work (he also provides music apparently) and Coupling watchers will recognize Gina Bellman.

Easily recommend, even if it's unlikely to sport a Bollywood scene.


Anonymous said...

I grabbed all these this weekend and we watched the first episode yesterday. It's thoroughly enjoyable.

Thomas said...

The showrunner's been doing episode-by-episode notes and Q&A over at his blog, which is also interesting.