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Monday, January 19, 2009

Game Play: FEAR 2 Demo (PS3)

I loaded up the FEAR 2 demo last night and am going to frame a brief review by saying that I was in one of those "tired but can't sleep" kinda modes, which frankly probably wasn't the best introduction into the game.

There's a lot of good to be had here, and I can definitely recommend at least trying out the demo. I understand there were some frame rate issues with the first FEAR and the PS3, but what I saw was a downright gorgeous rendering of a broken down world filled with murderous soldiers. Since this is FEAR we're talking about, quite a few spooky scenes will pop up at you as well and whether you'll be scared or not is probably a personal matter, the effects are quite well handled and fun.

Short version: this is one of the most graphically impressive titles I've seen on a console.

And this world is dense - rooms are filled with items as a whole squad of goons will kick over tables to get you. At times, I kinda felt like it was almost information overload. Am I supposed to react to that flickering light or was it just a spooky sideshow?

The demo makes it a bit hard to catch the drift of WTF is going on, and I never saw the ending of the first FEAR - so I'm not sure if that will be mandatory reading to get the plot or not. I want another go with the demo when I'm good and rested (which might not be until March), but the game is certainly either a buy or rental for me right now.

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