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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Katharine Fletcher Signs Off

This hasn't been the greatest start to a new year. Work crazy, getting sick, broken PlayStation 3's.

And I finally catch up on my podcasts to find this:

That's the tribute to ChannelFlip's Katharine Fletcher, who was hands down my fave gaming video personality on the planet. There was no doubt that she was the real deal, a gamer at heart and - I say this as a compliment ... a huge dork. Anyone willing to dress up as various characters to spice up a piece deserves a spot in the pantheon, if you ask me. Katharine got into the meat of the games she reviewed and I enjoyed listening to them even if they were games I had played, finished and already put away.

Hard to find out much information, but it seems she's off for higher learning. I wish she'd fire up a blog at the very least, because if I can't see her enjoy these games - I'd at least like to know what she thinks about them.

Good luck, Katharine. Drop us fans in the states a line if you ever get a chance.

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