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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Game Play: PAIN

I feel like I should say something like "if you can get past the whole human torture thing" to describe PAIN - but I feel like that's doing the game an injustice. The whole fact that you're slinging a human into a physics playground full of monkeys, mimes and explosive crates is just part of the hilarity.

The premise is simple - through either chain reactions or the use of "Ooch", which allows you to push your slung avatar post launch, do as much damage to the character and existing world as possible. Despite this take, the game isn't even an ounce gory, but rather sticks to cartoonish designs befitting the much maligned objects in the game.

PAIN is far more rounded than one might expect for a budget download. Single and multiplayer games give the game more than a few options, the graphics are good (even on our still hanging in there SDTV) and there are few games which allow you to say "sorry, The Girl is throwing mimes through plate glass ... call back?"

For the price, PAIN is an easy recommendation for PSN users.


Chase Driven said...

Does PSN allow game skins? Could we take this realistic crash test dummy and make them look like anyone we wanted?

That would be awesome.

Chase Driven said...

PS Not that I have anyone in particular in mind. Really.

Josh said...

Not *anyone* as that would be too awesome. You can however buy/unlock new outfits, including a ninja and a naughty nurse.

Gameplay video, btw: