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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Netflix Drops Profiles ... A Resounding WTF Follows

Netflix sent an email out to users yesterday declaring that soon enough they would be dropping the profile feature from accounts. This is a feature which allows accounts to divide their DVD queue into multiple profiles.

While it might sound trivial, The Girl and I have made it into an essential part of using the service. We're 5 DVD people and we divide the profiles not up for each other, but rather by category. I'm actually rather amazed Netflix doesn't let you do this in a more structured way - it's more insanely handy than I can describe. If we send a popcorn blockbuster movie back, we get one of those next. If we send a TV show back, we get the next disc in the TV show back. It saves us all the needless time of organizing a single list in a chronological order we can't really determine.

Why Netflix, which has had a decent track history of evolving their user interface, would so willing put a baseball bat to our knees is quite beyond me.

I'm hoping they have a really good trick up their sleeves as this puts the service, which is facing stiff enough competition as it is, into a much less desirable mode for us.

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