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Monday, June 16, 2008

TV Watch: Battlestar Galactica, Sine Qua Non And The Hub

Yeah, I know I'm behind on Galactica. And still am, I haven't caught Revelations from Friday yet. I actually still have about half of my truckload of entertainment that I armed myself with to survive the flight home. I've got Doctor Who, 30 Days, there's even a couple meerkats in there...

Spoilers be here for the two episodes listed above.

That said, the two that I did catch up on were quite awesome. The show is walking this fine line between bizarre hocum pocum and really tight character conflict. Just how well the hocum pocum will work is to be determined, but there's at least a lot of interesting takes on religion. The end of The Hub, where Roslin feels gipped for having saved Balthazar but not gotten her golden ticket home was a wonderful depiction of all the characters involved.

Apparently the scene with Tigh and Adama where Adama mentions how many times he has to repair his model ship might be an in-show reference to breaking the ship during an ad lib take on the set.

I'll wait on any more final five speculation until I can catch up. Don't want to ramble on and on about a guess when for all I know D'Anna has been singing like a bird last week.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

The final mid-season episode is unbelievably good. It feels a bit rushed at times, but then you find out what they're leading up to...

I've heard that it was potentially the ending of the show, and then the writer's strike cleared up. I almost wish it had been--it hits pretty hard.