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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Biggest iPhone Annoyance

How the hell did Apple, whose love for all things design is near holy, allow what might be the worst possible interface for download MMS messages?

The Girl sends me one. I get a text saying that I've gotten an multimedia message, a link to and randomly generated id and password. The link works on the phone - but of course doesn't link to anything *useful* since it can't send the id & password. The iPhone also lacks any cut and paste, mind you, so you end up staring at your iPhone with one hand and entering the codes with another.

And then, because AT&T's website is just so fine, sometimes you still just get a big blank white screen.

Sadly, I have no hopes that the 2.0 OS will fix it.


Thomas said...

I still cannot understand the idea of a smartphone without copy and paste.

MMS I can live without, on the other hand.

Josh said...

Were The Girl not around, I'd probably not care. But we end up (or used to) shooting each other pics about the day all the time.

It's actually pretty cool while travelling.

Or used to be :(

Charlotte said...

I just want to know how to stare with my hand.
-Your SmartAss Kitten

Josh said...

It's a secret for iPhone users ;)