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Monday, November 05, 2007

Would Phantasmagoria Get Made Today?

Sexy Videogameland pondered if a game like Phatasmagoria could be made today which was apparently followed by Destructiod showcasing some choice videos of the graphic (as in violence, rape, tigers, bears, oh my) FMV game for Halloween.

I'm with Leigh here - especially if a already targeted developer like Rockstar made it ... it would probably get an AO rating and shelved in development. While violence in general is accepted in American culture - Phantasmagoria pulls a lot of violence against helpless women.

On an oddly related note - did you know the Incredible Hulk appeared on Mister Roger's neighborhood? We visited some friends on Friday and they mentioned the episode and that the theme was that "some things are imaginary and fictional". Can someone tell me why we can't have similar conversations with kids about games?

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