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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Solace On "Golden Compass"

The Golden Compass comes out soon and many people call it the "anti-Narnia", in part because the original books were written by an avowed atheist who openly admits the book attacks the church, dogma, etc. The script has been edited to avoid conflict, and Solace In Cinema offers this response:

The script has already diluted the source material down to avoid upsetting the overly religious. This of course beggars the question why go near these books at all if you have to fuck them up so badly just to appease people who’d rather watch a tractor-pull anyway? Dumbing down the religious aspect in these books is akin to green-lighting a new version of the Nativity Story only to open with an abortion scene. And of course the god mob are far from appeased, preparing more wholesome fare like a dead man being fingered in his stabports by a doubting cult member. So we’re given a half-pint concept for no good reason at all. Wonderful.
-- The Golden Spinnything trailers

The trailers have me a little jazzed about the movie, but The Girl and I want to get audiobooks on the originals as well.

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Brinstar said...

I've finished reading The Golden Compass, and I enjoyed it. I'm disappointed that they've removed the anti-Church stuff. That was an interesting aspect of the world Pullman created. I'm about 2/3 through The Subtle Knife.