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Monday, November 05, 2007

Anyone Cracked The Crysis Demo?

On Gaming Today:

When downloading the Crysis demo, I'm sure you expected, just as I did, to
get a glimpse of the incredible visuals and a taste of what the game is
like. And it delivered - and then some. A few days ago, a script of ...
Read Full Article, Crysis Demo More than Just a Demo

Apparently a little hacking can:

- Unlock the game from being "Vista" only. So, boo to Microsoft some more for trying to create and enforce a technical distinction which clearly doesn't exist.

- Unlock tons of additional material which was intended for later in the game. This one doesn't really surprise me much ... it's actually happened before in other demos, albeit not necessarily to this scale.

I'm still poking at the Hellgate demo, so not sure if I'll ever get around to letting this one bring my machine to its knees or not.

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