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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TV Schedules On The Wii

If you head over here, you'll see a page which lists the shows The Girl and I are interested for the evening. It's formatted (albeit crudely, hey - I did it during commercial breaks for House and Damages last night) for the Wii. The buttons on the top and bottom will scroll when clicked on.

To enjoy this for yourself, you'll need to do the following:

1. Get a Wii (plus access to some kind of HTML editor and a web server)
2. Go sign up for an account at
3. Search or browse the schedule and get some favorites (shown by the heart). Note that you can also fave by genre, which is handy when you just want to know what westerns play on Saturday.
4. Head to their services and find your RSS link
5. Add this feed to Google Reader under the tag/folder "tv"
6. Go into the settings of Google Reader and under "tags" make "tv" public
7. Right click, or head over and "view source" and save my current page onto your computer.
8. On the tags page of Google Reader's settings, go to tv's public page
9. In the URL of the public page will be a large number, copy that.
10. In the source of my page, there will be script tag with a src that looks similar to the public page. Paste your large number over my large number.
11. Upload your page to a web server and point your Wii to it.

That's it. Just eleven moderately technical steps. Honestly the best use of the Wii's Internet Channel I could think of and MeeVee's normal page doesn't work in Opera Wii. Sadly, I didn't realize Opera Wii also only has Flash 7 support, so you can see my original Flex implementation is much prettier, took like ten minutes to write and uses the normal RSS feed - but won't run on the Wii. I know Adobe is anxious to get Flash 9 working on non-PC devices - and now so am I.

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