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Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV Watch: Pushing Daisies

If Bionic Woman is the slow kid on the Wednesday lineup, Pushing Daisies is something like the artistic savant. The Girl really wanted to check out it and to be honest, I was somewhat luke warm towards the premise. Actually, I think I was luke warm to get another Dead Like Me experience, which started out clever and fun but quickly just got confusing, mixed up and melodramatic.

There are two things which makes this show a winner: the handling of the premise and the framing of the story. The latter composes the show like a modern day fairy tale, from the voice over narration to the vibrant colors and set design. The premise, a pie maker who can raise the dead with a touch but will permanently kill those he raises if he touches them again, could have turned out pure schtick or messy plot device (much like Dead Like Me's reaper mechanics turned out to be). It's not only neither, but is used superbly to accent an ongoing subplot about human contact.

I mean - if the scene where a boy can't pet his incredible dog doesn't click with you - you might need to get your frontal lobe checked.

Add in Chi McBride (the principle from Boston Public) as a stern, hard-boiled detective who likes to knit and Kristin Chenoweth as a spurned it-doesn't-really-matter because she's cute as a button and gets to sing ... and the show really takes off.

Hopefully the show will have considerably more longevity than Dead Like Me got, because at the moment it's a real gem.


Troy Goodfellow said...

This my favorite show of the new TV season, and not just because I've had a huge crush on Chenoweth for years.

I like how light the mysteries are. Take something like the car manufacturer plot from a few weeks ago and give it the CSI treatment and you get a very different show. Pushing Daisies even likes its villains, who are given the full narrator treatment and lots of room to ham it up.

I sort of wish Nate had more to do than look mournful, but that's his schtick; he has a burden that few know about and only he can really understand. Of the two people who know best, one is using him for money and the other can never be touched.

Winkyboy said...

I look forward to Pushing Daisies more than I do Heroes, or Lost, for that matter. I love the choice in actors, I love the quirky humour, I love everything about it. I especially like the Olive character with her impromptu musical numbers.

Seriously, this show has me laughing like NO other television show ever has before.

Unknown said...

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