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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Note From Management: "In The News" Widget

I've added a new widget (points right) to replace the old "recommended reading" one. This one also points to my starred items in Google Reader, but unlike the old one it is updated in real time and provides a bit of the article text as well (or at least tries to pull it - some feeds like SVGL seem to croak there).

Let me know if it tosses any bugs. I can try and post a howto/code for fellow bloggers if they'd like to add it.


Unknown said...

Not an improvement. Headlines are better. :^\

Josh said...

Well I can try an update which only expands the article on a click/mouse over. Had similar code working when I used this elsewhere.

Unknown said...

Sounds preferable to me. As it is, I will not be looking at any of your news items except the top one. (I'm an anti-mouse kind of guy...)

Speaking of my keyboard fixation...have you noticed how broken the CAPTCHA code is on the Blogger comment template? You type your comment, hit Tab, and it skips not to the word verification box, but to something else entire. In fact, I'm not sure you *can* keyboard your way to the word verification box. Oh how, I hate that...making me reach for my mouse.

And here I go, using the mouse, just to post this comment.

Josh said...

Oh I hate Blogger's captcha. In addition to that, it routinely fails on the first time because they seem to have some ungodly low timeout for it.

In fact, before I had moved to the new templates, there was some bug in the old ones where the timeout for the captcha would occur before the page finished loading. Those were fun times.

I'll poke at the headlines, though it looks like converting it to a widget confused some of the original setup.

Though I should point out that it seems if you hold down tab long enough to get to that second column (which you would have had to do with the old widget anyway), it will tab from headline to headline. No mouse needed (least in FireFox).