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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is Deathmatch Getting Old?

On Next Generation:

BLOG - Kane and Lynch lead designer Kim Krogh has been pondering why generic
multiplayer modes still exist after so long and talking about the recently
revealed 'Fragile Alliance' game type Io Interactive's been working on.
Read Full Article, Is Deathmatch Game Type a Tired Concept?

I don't think deathmatch will ever get old. When it comes to the shooter genre, it is still the core of every gametype and always will be.

That said, there's a serious saturation point for deathmatch. It takes more than a solid multiplayer implementation - it takes servers. It takes enough people playing online that you can jump from game to game if you need. Quake had this, Counter-Strike had this, and Halo had this as well.

Well, has, I guess, is a better word there. Still a few people playing those last two, I hear.

However, I think more games could follow the Splinter Cell example and differentiate themselves in the online world by offering more unique multiplayer modes. Evolution for FPS modes is desperately stagnant, so it would be nice to see more people tackle this.

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