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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Veronica Mars: Un-American Graffiti

Our girl V returned with a new episode last night. Still fighting for a fourth season, there are only four unaired episodes left at this point. Season three hasn't been the greatest ... in fact it's probably been the worst season so far ... but the show was showing some signs of life before the hiatus.

This episode hits a few high notes. Keith actually has a strong role in a subplot which seems to make sense for the show (as opposed to being an intersecting character who seemed to almost randomly appear). We get both Wallace and Mac - which honestly should be a requirement for every episode. Still miss Weevil though ... although Weevil hasn't properly been Weevil that much. Veronica actually seems to solve a case on her own terms and using logic instead of randomly accusing people and stumbling on information. The social/drama/romantic angle ... which is still feeding off of V's feelings for Logan ... was actually humorous and interesting.

In short, a solid episode which is at least reminscent of what was good in the second season although still short of the sweet greatness that was the first. There's a lot of talk of retooling the show to get the fourth season done ... although this season isn't a great result of trying to retool the show in the first place. I say focus on the present and let's hope this season ends on a high note.

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