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Monday, April 30, 2007


Sony is getting in all kinds of hot water for their display of a goat sacrifice complete with topless women. The Mail, which I gather is a paper for people who like to be outraged at things, is so completely and utterly astonished that anyone would dare have the indignity to stage such event in public has responded by offering up this image on the Internet - so that the thousands and thousands of people who wouldn't normally have seen the spectacle can now make it their desktop wallpaper.

Well. How utterly brilliant is that. What a better way to take a moral stand than to broadcast the thing that shocks you to even more people. I wish my parents had used a similar philosophy with their feelings on me watching porn.

For record, I think this is rather brilliant on Sony's part. OK, having to pull a bunch of magazines is a bunch dense - but the publicity is amazing.


Thomas said...

To be fair, it was kind of a shock to the goat.

Josh said...

Yes - but who will think of the chickens?

Brinstar said...

I like how they didn't blur out the topless woman's breasts, which were covered by paint, but they did blur out the goat's neck. Well done, Daily Mail (on Sunday).

Josh said...

It does kinda say a bit of something about their priorities.

This reminds me of the 60 Min piece on GTA, where they talk about how horrible it is to show such violence admist many many cutscenes depicting the violence.