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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Heroes: String Theory (AKA Five Years Gone)

String Theory appropriately managed to culminate all the good work that Heroes has managed produce over the last month or so. When the show started I was rather concerned with its ability to open plot gaps and jump right through them - where this episode showed a remarkable sense of itelf, the characters and the events that had lead up to it. It even managed to do one thing I think the show hasn't been able to provide to date - prove that Sylar can not only be a formidable villain but a rather interesting one at that.

Linderman was noticeably absent from his own mad scheme - although we might guess that a certain watch repairman didn't necessarily feel he should be around. Heroes now officially echoes some of the best concepts of the comic genre it emulates - from Moore's concepts of evil to the Claremont's fear of mutants.

It's also beginning to feel like this season is going to end with a ... well, proper ending. I had assumed that a la Lost the show would drag out the conclusion of New York for at least a season or two, but it seems like they might wrap up the concept of stopping the tragedy and the next season would be a whole new storyline.

Which would be nice.

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