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Friday, March 09, 2007

Why I don't get eBay sometimes

I've been wondering if Microsoft's manufacturing problems could turn into a cheap method of getting a 360. Standard cost of getting your 360 refurbished is about $150 ... or half of the Core system. I figure if people have a really bum system and simply didn't want to fix it - they'd dump it on eBay for whatever they'd get. So anything less than $150 and you might have a bargain - especially if it was less than $100 or so.

Course, some people will pay $200 for a Core system that specializes in blinking red lights. So that theory hasn't really worked.

Then you have some peeps who want to offload some systems at above retail. Really? $20 for the priviledge of also spending shipping when the Best Buy down the road has so many boxes on the floor the employees are making forts with them?

I guess he's not too crazy when people are paying for over retail on some used items. I think I'll stay away from the auctions for now.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I've always wondered about the ebay thing. I always just figured the people bidding over cost don't have easy access to big box retailers or something. Because you're right it really doesn't make any sense.

Also some people also get involved in the bidding war mentality and just want to beat other people.

And some seem to ignore or forget about shipping costs. eBay is a weird beast.

I've also been checking out these free games lately. Kuma\War and Dinohunters are FPS games based on the Source engine. Pretty fun stuff. See it at