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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Game 3.0 Explained

Essentially, Game 1.0 was represented by the disconnected console and static game discs; Game 2.0 was brought to us by connected consoles (or PCs) that offered static content; but Game 3.0 takes connected consoles to a new level by leveraging online collaboration and user-generated content. Suddenly the content is dynamic and, as Sony says, Game 3.0 "puts the spotlight back on the consumer." Harrison explained that Sony was influenced by the ideas put forth by web 2.0 – sites such as MySpace and YouTube that are driven by user-generated content. Harrison also made clear that Sony is not trying to trademark Game 3.0; they simply want to get the developer and gaming communities thinking about a trend which Harrison believes "will power the next decade of growth in our industry."
-- Gaming 3.0 [BusinessWeek]

Technically, Game 3.0 is not entirely new. Not really. I mean, there has been user created content with mods, maps and the like. And there's often been ways of sharing and discussing that content. It's the "leveraging online collaboration" that takes it to a new level.

Web 2.0 has always bugged me - as a term. Like AJAX. It's a blanket phrase for explaining way too many disassociated things and an easy way to sell ideas which aren't quite as important as some would like to have you believe. It's not specific enough for real technical use but has been so overhyped that you can hardly get away from it.

Still, I'm hopeful. The Dreamcast was the first time a console really leveraged an online base to seriously enhance the games it carried. Between Xbox Live and Sony's new ideas ... it will be interesting to see what unfolds this year.

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