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Friday, March 09, 2007

Game Night: Illuminati

Illuminati is another Steve Jackson creation. The goal is create a network of groups (represented by cards) of a certain size before anyone else. Mechanically, there's some similarity to Munchkin - success is based on the simple math of power versus resistance with as many modifiers as can be thrown against either side. In this case, it's generally power from other groups and money. In true Jackson form though, the game can elevate it's complexity from time to time.

For instance - one of the moves that cinched a game for me was having the Orbital Mind Control Lasers convert the S.M.O.F.'s (a sci fi fan group) into communists so that the Communist Party could more easily control them. That kind of thing.

Fairly easy to learn and once you have the hang of it ... a game can take about two hours or so. We played two games in the night compared to the epic battles of Munchkin. Course, we were down to five last night which also makes it go quicker than having eight or more people around the table.

Another great Steve Jackson Games creation and highly recommended.

Fun Fact! Steve Jackson Games appears as a company in the hacker sim Uplink. They seem to be getting raided by the Secret Service - mirroring a real life raid. (Wikipedia)

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