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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TV Watch: The Riches

We almost missed the premiere of The Riches due to being out all night at a fancy dinner. Thankfully they had the 10:15 repeat because as premiere go - it was pretty darn good.

The show follows the trials of gypsy travellers - those roaming con men (and women) heavy on the bloodties and a penchant for RV's. Not to spoil the plot much more than the previews already have, the family (headed by Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver) find themselves out of sorts in just about every way and then end up with the chance to assume the lives of well-to-do suburbanites.

A beat is rarely missed here - the acting is solid, the directing is solid, the writing is solid. There's a gritty air about the show and some realy edgy plot elements which makes it suitable for a channel like FX. With Studio 60 in purgatory and Heroes on hiatus, Riches is definately our Monday night.


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