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Friday, March 16, 2007

God Of War II: Peak Of The PlayStation 2?

That is exactly how I’ve felt playing God of War II, the luscious, stunningly well-designed mythological action game that delivers a glorious swan song for Sony’s PlayStation 2, the world’s best-selling game console. Sony has sold many more than 100 million PS2s since the system’s introduction seven years ago, and since then more than 1,000 games have been released for it in North America. You could argue that God of War II, released on Tuesday, is not only better than all of them but is also perhaps the best single-player action-adventure game yet made for any console.

The PlayStation 2 still sells (and likely will for years, given its $130 price tag), but the buzz in gameland has moved on to “next-generation” machines like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s own more than $500 PlayStation 3, which is packed with so much silicon that it makes its predecessor look like an alarm clock. God of War II is likely to be the last top-end game made exclusively for the PlayStation 2.
-- A Game With New Tricks for an Old System

Honestly I think it's in Sony's interest for this not to be the case ... but I'm blanking at the moment of a good exemplary title which proves theory wrong. Surely Sony should be showcasing more and more PlayStation 3 titles ... but considering the strong sales of the PS2 ... why stave off new development?

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