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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost: Par Avion

So I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. I don't think I was very wrong - but this week's episode was a little better than last week's ... so we're not bottoming out here.

However, it's not like the show is ready for takeoff again.

The best part of this episode was that Claire's backstory was revealing and relevant. Her issues with her mom neatly tie back into Charlie's impending doom. Fans had long suspected that Claire was related to Christian Shepard's bizarre booty call from the Ana-Lucia episode way back when, and this pretty much ties it together.

Everything on the beach was gold this episode. Pure gold. In the jungle? Not as shiny.

If one more character kills, yells at, distracts or pushes away someone who has advanced knowledge about the inner workings of the island ... I might just scream. Did Locke actually push that guy and then just basically say ... oops? I'll give them credit for at least trying to talk to him before pointing a random direction and saying "look over there".

And what the hell is up with Locke? One episode he acts like a worthy leader and now he's the Dr. Smith of the island.

Ivan did cough up one interesting tidbit - he was recruited. So Ben is from the island. Juliet was recruited. One Eyed Ivan was recruited. But Ben's group did war with DHARMA? Who else would have recruited them but DHARMA? So I'm guessing that at one point, everyone was DHARMA.

And then some went "hostile". Possibly loyalists to Alvar Hanso, but I don't know if that fits with the events of the Lost Experience.

When I bothered to drift through some forums, a Lost fanboy told me that he didn't think Jack would ever ask Ben about the island's history because he couldn't see why Jack would care. He didn't see how it was relevant. Why should Jack care about the numbers or the origin of DHARMA?

I'm just not sure I could ever handle characters so near sighted. Obviously things on the island simply aren't normal. So how could you possibly know what to do next without a little recon? Wargamers back me up here ... gathering intel is step zero.

Anyway, a slight improvement which at least makes me more optimistic for the season end.


Deacon said...

Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I don't think Locke pushing the guy was an 'oops.' Last week seemed stupid for him, too, but now I'm not so sure. Now I'm beginning to think that Locke is heartily pursuing his own goal, whatever that may be (I used to think it was just finding out what's going on, now maybe not just that). He's been working at cross-purposes for awhile, and I think that's just starting to come out. The C4 in his pack was a big tip-off, as was his lying about going after Jack. I think this will tie in to whatever he saw in the jungle in season one (which we know now was NOT the smoke). In other words, what looks like incompetence probably isn't, what seems out of character actually fits back in to his earlier obsession with the hatch - he'll do anything to reach his goals and eyepatch dude was clearly not going to be any use (maybe Locke doesn't care so much about the Others as he does about the Island - this would tie in with his frustration when Ben was a captive). I think him killing eyepatch guy was also meant to bring us back to his past - the undercover cop in the woods - and make us think he really did shoot that guy to protect his new life. More than anyone else, Locke isn't interested in getting off the island. He doesn't care about rescuing Jack. I think they're prepping for him to be another antagonist, this time against both the Losties and the Others (which was how I thought it would be in Season Two).

Josh said...

Yeah - I would agree. That's why if anything I'd compare him to a Dr. Smith character. He's "with the group" but running his own agenda which is often contradictory to the group - hence making him something of a subversive antagonist.

It's a great character archetype ... but I think it's an odd shift from the Locke who was making speeches on the beach not so long ago and -extremely- convenient to the writers who don't want to cough any details.

We might be seeing some of the cracks between the plot that was originally laid out for this season and updates they may have made to appease the fans. Hence the jokes about little sense certain plot points make or references to characters acting strange. The writers know its jarring, but they're at least trying to make the characters admit it's weird.

So hopefully I was dead wrong about the week before ... or at least correct that it had "bottomed" but is now trying to dig itself back out. Once the oddness shakes out, maybe the show will be sensible again.