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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads

We watched the season finale in one chunk last night. Talking about ending with a bang - this ending made up for any shortcomings this season had shown. It had a bit of everything - morality play, space warfare and subtle creepiness.

Major spoilers, obviously, to follow - though I'll remain vague.

Apollo's speech, which seemed to be the high point of the rising action, was amazing. It was a brutally honest depiction of how the season had evolved. The whole trial was more interesting here than most anything involving Baltar prior. These episodes really dug into the conflicting aspects of his character and his role in the tragedy which the show revolves around.

And then of course - is the Cylon Surprise. The whole music thing was brilliant, although The Girl and I thought it was how the Cylons were tracking them (and maybe it was ... just in a different way). She thought it was odd that the 4 new models came to the same conclusion when they met up in the end, but to me it made a lot of sense. It was an epiphany for them - a moment in which the oddities suddenly made sense. It was a great mix of suspected and unsuspected and sets a great stage for the next season.

At the same time though - the ending of this season fundamentally shifts the show. It makes me wonder if the producers have an end date in sight or if they're just willing to take risks with the show?

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