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Thursday, December 14, 2006

NPD Corrected Console Figures

We also have the corrected life-to-date install bases for the U.S. The PS2 through November was at 35.8 million users. Very close behind is the GBA with 34.3 million. In the more modern battle of the portables, the DS stands at 7.6 million versus the PSP's 5.7 million. The Xbox 360 has sold 3.4 million units in the U.S., and the newly launched Wii and PS3 come in at 476K and 197K, respectively. Along with the Wii console, 270K Wii remotes and 153K nunchuks were also sold.

Interestingly, from a next-gen DVD standpoint the Xbox 360 HD DVD peripheral sold 42K units. So technically, within the gaming universe the PS3/Blu-ray install base is nearly five times greater.
-- GameDaily BIZ: Revised: Game Industry Up 16% through November

Once again - these numbers don't spell great things for the Xbox 360. The PSP, which plenty of gamers like to pronounce dead on online forums, has nearly twice the install base with less than a year's headstart. Plus, the HD DVD peripheral is clearly selling terribly. It's much lower cost and higher availability should have made it a contender against the PlayStation 3 launch for consumers looking for an inexpensive high def player. Obviously, not many were.

How much that will actually impact the format war as yet to be seen. HD-DVD still has cheaper players then Blu-Ray once you've discounted the PlayStation 3 as a factor. Until Sony can resolve its manufacturing and supply problems - it's not really a force in either the media or gaming markets.

And remember - these numbers are stateside. The DS easily has an equal amount installed outside the US.

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