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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fallout MMO In The Pipeline?

This Prospectus proposes sale of Interplay Entertainment Corp common stock which will be admitted to trade on one of the Euronext exchanges. Proceeds will be used for the production of a Massively Multiplayer On Line Game based on Interplay's Intellectual Property: Fallout (the "Fallout MMOG")

The Fallout MMOG will be developed in the highly recognized Fallout post Nuclear Apocalyptic world giving consumers an ongoing virtual experience of today's life as if the cold war, which lasted for the best part of the second half of last century, had led to a nuclear disaster

The budget for the Fallout MMOG totals $75,000,000 and will be funded by Interplay, its development and distribution partners.
-- Fallout MMORPG in the Works? [Inside Mac Games]

Those juicy tidbits are withn an SEC report which, oddly, makes for some interesting reading. I wouldn't go getting too excited here - this is what one might refer to as a "pre pre-production" phase. We have more details about the Firefly MMO deal right now ... and we don't have any details about the Firefly MMO right now.

Still, one can dream. Fallout screams for an MMO - although I don't know about how it much sense it makes to have an overcrowded wasteland. Actually, I'd think the Guild Wars formula would make the most sense here. You could have towns and hatches for gathering areas and mission based instance zones. It would make it easier to keep some of the feel from the original game while building on the MMO model.

Ah, dare to dream. Dare to dream.

Update: Don't hold your breath. I mean literally, apparently the launch is stated here to be around 2010 and you can't hold your breath that long. Plus by then, World of Warcraft will have consumed all other franchises in the Great MMO War of 2008.

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Greg Tannahill said...

More to the point, by then the MMOG crash will have come along, and all but the top five or so performers will fall out of the market. I'm not really expecting to EVER see the Firefly MMOG, a Fallout one, the Marvel one, or for that matter even the forthcoming Lord of the Rings one.

I mean, seriously, $75 million? How do they expect they're EVER going to recoup that?

Josh said...

I keep thinking an MMO crash is possible - but I dunno. Guild Wars made me think the genre is capable of evolving beyond Everquest in more than a couple of ways.

Agreed though - I mean ... I know games have gotten wildly expensive but that's incredibly ambitious it seems. Along the same lines as the Firefly and Stargate MMO - I need to see some industry experience to buy into an MMO ... not just graphs and numbers.