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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Republicans Unhappy With FTC, Violent Games

Proving that one political party can beat a straw man better than the next, those wacky Congressional Republicans are annoyed that the FTC went so light on Take Two(digg it) and want to see a stop to the growing problem of Manchurian Children everywhere. This include Senator Joe Barton who we all know is such an expert on technology and all (he knows more about the Internet than Tim Berners-Lee AND Vint Cerf combined apparently). Thank god we don't have bigger things to worry about (say deficit, Afghan War, Iraq War, Iran, North Korea, Congressional corruption, global warming, gas prices, No Child Left Behind removing teachers later this year, grizzly bears, SCO, avian flu, AIDS, domestic first responders, or inflation).

Our Republican controlled Congress will save us from this problem that doesn't exist ... I'm quite sure. And if not this, they'll certainly look into that gay marriage thing threatening us all. Whew.

In related news, the ESRB will fine up to a million dollars for not disclosing content, upping the ante considerably that miscreants everywhere will pour over game data looking for anything resembling a nipple.

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Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

It might be a Republican controlled Congress currently, but the Democrats have been beating their anti-video game drum pretty heavily to.

Of all the issues for them to go bipartisan on....

I don't suppose there is any chance our fearless legislators will wake up and realize that most gamers are actually adults?

Josh said...

I've been harsh on the Dems, esp. Illinois Dems, in the past on this issue. If anything, they're much worse on this so far because they delight in anything that makes them look moralistic without them actually having to fix anything.

Rob B cost Illinois taxpayers half a million in legal fees for that PR stunt. Yay.