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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Citizen Wii's "Crawford Interview"

I might be the only person on the gaming planet without a severe opinion on Chris Crawford one way or another, but I still managed to find this humorous:

CC: Not since Balance of Power, there hasn’t! And do you know who made Balance of Power?

CW: You did, sir.

CC: You did, WHO??

CW: You did… Guru Crawford.

CC: Damn skippy, I did! ME! I made the game! An original idea! At least in the eighties there was experimentation! Most of the experiments failed, but we TRIED. Like Siboot! SIBOOT! Do you remember Siboot?

CW: Uh, no, I can’t say I…

CC: Of course not! It only sold 5,000 copies on the Macintosh II!

CW: That would…

CC: SIBOOT!!! Did you know there was a part in that game I lectured the player and the player could chose how to respond to me and if the player told me to “Go to hell!” it made the game VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN??!?

CW: No, I…

CC: YEAH! That’s how I lay down the LAW: you screw with me, YOU’RE GOING DOWN! See this grape in my hand? That’s John Q. Gamerdork.

[squishes grape]

CC: And THAT, peon, is what happens when John Q. Gamerdork screws with THE GURU.
-- The Citizen interview with Chris Crawford

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