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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mumblevine Crop

So what all is getting passed around the gameblogosphere? Well, apparently Uwe Boll can take a hint. The gaming crowd has not only gotten under his skin enough that he is considering dropping game licenses from his future but he will also apparently stage his fragging at the hands of his critics in his upcoming Postal. Which pretty much puts Postal in the running for best Boll movie ever. I've seen House of the Dead. I've seen Alone in the Dark. Boll's real problem isn't gamers, it's that he can't direct movies.

Kotaku scooped the possibility of a Revolution foot peripheral, which I've seen a couple of other sites pick up as "Nintendo's next big surprise", possibly "revealed" at GDC. I gotta say, I kinda don't think so. A foot peripheral? So when I'm playing the Revolution, people are assuming Nintendo wants me to wave a wand with my hand while moving my feet in specific directions? Nintendo's theory is to make gaming more accessible and less geeky, peeps, not so geeky that you'll need to put black paint on the windows. My guess is some third party developer wanted free press and got Crecente's cell phone number from a seedy and dark location...

Finally, and I'm not going to acknowledge this bit with a link, some prostitutes have complained about Grand Theft Auto demeaning them. This now puts Jack Thompson in the same camp as whores, grandmas who buy their grandkids violent games and Hilary Clinton. Anyone who is seriously thinking about debating the finer points about whether a game could actually be responsible for making a hooker's job dangerous should really take a step away from the keyboard.

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Patrick said...

I've got a soft spot for hookers, not so much for bad directors.

As for the foot peripheral, I've got some bright ideas about the wand controller, I reckon I could design something decent with the foot as well. But I have to say the wand is probably enough for the purposes of an interactive storytelling interface.

Josh said...

Yeah. it's not that I think the foot is off-limits to controller design, I just don't think it's the makings of a new paradigm, or even direction, like the wand.

Especially in combination. It might have possibilities, but it just doesn't seem to fit Nintendo's motif. "Here hold this TV remote" is a lot more friendly than "Step on my techno pad", imho