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Monday, February 13, 2006

Crawford Launches Storytron

...and speaks about self in the third person in the process. Interesting choice. (via nongames)

In related news, I had to rip out the first "chapter" of my interactive story because, well, because I misread where the main character geographically resides in the introduction. Whooops. So clearly, I've got no room to critique.

I do think it's interesting that it seems I've chosen a path utterly divergent, practically diametric, to the common rationale of interactive storytelling. Whereas the current grail seems to be creating textual virtual worlds, I've decided to try and build prose in the more traditional sense first, and then apply folds and avenues to the story based on user input. Less ludology than Zork, but more narrative. More fiction, less interactive ... I guess.

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Thomas said...


Just... oy.

Patrick said...

Come on Thomas, why you gotta diss Storytron categorically? Is is because of that Escapist article or becuase you're involved in another interactive storytelling platform?

Say what you will, but Storytron is a significant something, even if its just a step toward better IS platforms.

Patrick said...

That said, Crawford is one wacky character, no doubt.

Thomas said...

Well, let's put it this way. I think Crawford is a demented, mysogynistic character. He's someone who has, by his own account, ignored almost everything done in the medium for a very long time. He shows astounding amounts of intellectual sloppiness. He has no track record with me as a creator of fun, interesting games.

Do I know anything about Storytron? No, not really. But it's become increasingly clear what kind of person is creating Storytron, and it's also clear that the work is highly personal. I find that the work of such crackpots, in those kinds of circumstances, is rarely worth a second glance. And I deal with too many crazy people nowadays to be polite to them.