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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Konami Plans Hybrid Silent Hill UMD

Rather than offering a new game based on the popular horror franchise, which already has spawned four games, the "Silent Hill Experience" UMD will ship in conjunction with the theatrical release of Sony Pictures Entertainment's "Silent Hill" movie.

Oertel says the first product is aimed at those who have played the games as well as the new theatergoers who watch the film and might be looking for background on the game franchise.

"Experience" will include as one of its main features an interactive comic - which includes music and animated pictures - based on the new movie. It also features an interview with Christophe Gans, the movie's director, who will tie in the UMD content in with the film release. Fans also will get 20 tracks from the "Silent Hill" game franchise by Akira Yamaoka, augmented by an interview segment with the composer. Rounding out the materials are the "Dying Inside" comic series, a selection of cinematics from the four games and bonus Japanese materials aimed at gamers.
-- Konami hybrid UMDs create new PSP genre

Well, it's definately good to see someone using the UMD for something other than simple movie ports. Is this another example of Sony trying to bring to bear all the guns in their arsenal?

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