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Monday, November 21, 2005

Scathing Sony XCP Overview

This Earthweb article, kinda oddly titled "Where was Sony's Privacy Officer?" (Privawho?) doesn't pull any punches ... deservingly so for Sony's rootkit scandal:

I can understand Sony's desire to protect its artists' music from being illegally copied. I even can understand their motivation for exploring DRM technologies like XCP.

But at every turn, the problems that have come to light are so glaring and so obvious that it's impossible to think that a competent pre-launch review of the privacy and security consequences wouldn't have caused them to shelve the idea until the problems were solved.

Instead, what has emerged in these past few weeks is a picture of a major corporation whose executives neither understood, nor cared, what negative impacts their poor decision making would have.

Ouchie. The next section is entitled "Contempt for Customers". I wonder if Sony is even aware how big their image problem is right now. They should be glad they aren't lauching the PS3 this season.

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