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Monday, November 21, 2005

Once Again, Nintendo's Premature Death

Via Kotaku is this small prediction nestled within a somewhat lengthy and almost impressively uninformative Red Herring column:

Nintendo, the distant third runner in the race, is expected to fall even further behind with its Revolution, likely the last new console on the market next year. Critics say the company has missed the target market of the older, hardcore gamer who plays the bloody first-person shooter games, dominant on the PS2 and the Xbox. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata debuted a TV-remote-inspired wireless controller at the Tokyo Game Conference in September, which could cause more confusion with developers instead of boost the company’s market share. “Nintendo’s Revolution will be its last console,” says UBS Investment Research analyst Michael Wallace. “It’s a two-horse race now.”
-- Xbox 360 Starts Console War

And from that, I'd say uninformed as well. Seriously, can we at least wait to get one in our hands before declaring this console the Dreamcast of it's generation. For my money, right now the Revolution is ahead. I don't have a HDTV to justify the 360. The PS3 is a bit of enigma and possibly expensive as hell. If Nintendo launches the Revolution with a single title that I'd think I'd plop on the couch and play with The Girl ... it's sold.

Nintendo is constantly surprising me. I thought the DS would take a serious hit from the PSP, but it stands it's ground. I thought the Micro was a joke, but it's made some serious cash for the old N. I think anyone making such ominous predictions had better be taking notes that quote more than nameless critics and highly debatble points like "confusing developers". Out of the three console makers, they're one of the more innovative and certainly one of the more profitable.

I'd say they aren't going anywhere dire anytime soon.

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