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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Competitor to Revolution Controller?

Caught this bit off of

The 3motion controller is a wireless device that can detect hand and arm movements. If a person holds it in their hand they can direct a computer to move animated characters on a computer screen by merely waving.
-- New video game controller launched

Sounds ... familiar. This press release from E3 (scroll down a bit) makes it sound equally so:

3motion is a brand new gesture-based system, which allows users to control and interact with console and mobile video games through simple and intuitive actions. 3motion is wireless, compact and incredibly versatile. The system can be used to control a huge range of game genres, from simple puzzle titles to the latest complex FPS games. Players use 'gestures' to control a game. From casting a spell to controlling a car, airplane or even writing letters in the air, the 3motion system is perfect for the mass-market, allowing novices and non-gamers to pick up and play a game within minutes, as well as giving hardcore gamers an entirely new way to play and interact with their favourite titles.

The home page for the product makes it look very gesture, less ... um .... wand? based. Still, the similarity is there. I still question whether developers for the 360 or PS3 would embrace an alternative control scheme, since they'll be busy spending their benjies on big art budgets as it is. Oddly enough, I think that the Revolution's lesser specs may be one it's bigger strengths. Force developers to utilize the schtick. As the DS has shown, it may be gimmicky .... but that doesn't mean it isn't fun.

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