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Friday, August 05, 2005

VGL Postponed?

Anyone know why most of the Video Games Live events are postponed? I'd love to catch it on Northerly Island.


Corvus said...

From their home page:

"Due to the huge success of our first show at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6th, 2005 (over 11,000 in attendance) we are currently restructuring the schedule to include more venues and cities. As of right now, none of the cities are being canceled... just rescheduled and rearranged to accommodate for more people to be able to experience Video Games Live around North America. We will be posting our new updated and expanded schedule sometime next week. Because of the new schedule and timing of the fall and winter season, some of the current outdoor venues may be switched to indoor venues to accommodate both weather and lighting conditions. Because our show revolves heavily on visuals such as video, lasers, fog, lighting, special effects, etc. these more controllable environments will be something very positive for the show."

Josh said...

Ah, I thank you. These mornings of reading ten things once often means missing huge swaths of, well, obvious text :)

Brinstar said...

Aww... The one in my area is one of the few that hasn't been postponed... :-(