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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

One ARG dies so another may live

I was unaware of the ARG Seen Steve, having kinda shaken the genre from my system after being disappointed with how the ILB was getting turned into more radio show than puzzle. Still, it's a fascinating form of gaming, and the real purpose of Seen Steve was, I guess, to recruit for another, upcoming ARG:

When all was said and done, Seen Steve had close to 20 specific games it parodied and it spawned a massive 25 page thread over the course of its two week run. The game managed to capture the essence of the ARGs we all know and love. And, despite its "lame" launch and later "meltdown", Seen Steve still had a high standard of quality usually reserved games created by larger, experienced PM teams. The only real complaint about the game is that it might allow other wannabe PMs to go "Well, if he can create such a great game on the fly, then so can we."

So, if you've always wanted to help in an ARG, but felt you didn't have the necessary qualifications to help run an entire game, now is your chance. Visit the Project Phoo website to read more about the project, and if you have what it takes, sign up, and help create the next great ARG (or at least the next best learning experience).

There ya go: if one wanted to dive into the goody ARGness, Phoo may be the way to go.

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