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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Game Technology Fighting Cancer

I had previously joked that playing video games will cure your cancer in response to some of the copious amounts of sheer PlayStation Love that was pouring out in response to the witch hunt.

Well, Dr. Brian Butler is using game technology to fight cancer:

Marrying more than 20 years of anatomical data from Houston radiologist Dr. L. Anne Hayman and three-dimensional computer gaming software, the program helps Butler and his team precisely analyze a tumor's location in the body and where they can and cannot deposit radiation.

The computer program is a refinement of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). IMRT, used for the first time anywhere at The Methodist Hospital in March of 1994, forever changed how cancer patients around the world receive radiation. Instead of a single radiation beam that treats the entire area around the tumor, IMRT uses a more precise multi-beam method that better pinpoints cancer cells in the body.

See, ma ... I could become a brain surgeon yet. Nurse, hand me that dual pad ... stat!

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