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Friday, August 19, 2005

This Kingdom Doesn't Rule

I had high hopes for Graffiti Kingdom, the PS2 game where you draw up your own monsters to do battle. It sounded like such great divergent gameplay , but unfortunately it just doesn't shine:

Until you do, "Graffiti Kingdom" is pretty boring. At its most basic, the game is a plodding, uninspired beat-'em-up with lousy controls, sometimes repetitive dungeon-style environments and frustrating jumping puzzles.

While the enemies are widely varied and brilliantly designed, they tend to follow the same basic strategies, and beating up on them gets old, no matter how bizarre or unique they are. They aren't exactly intimidating, either, running a broad gamut that ranges from little flappy puffball things to Tinkertoy-looking dragons.
-- ...Kingdom isn't worth ruling

This review, and most others, agree it's worth a rental ... but that's about it. This kinda shows the downside to trying innovation in a title. As Unfettered Blather pointed out, it's not just the idea that counts, but how well you can make it dance as well.

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