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Monday, August 15, 2005

As Long As I've Got Serenity

The Girl and I spent a lot of time in the land of Sci-Fi this weekend. It pretty much consisted of Red Dwarf, Destroy All Humans, StarGate, Destroy All Humans, Battlestar, sleep, Destroy All Humans, Destroy All Humans, Firefly, Destroy All Humans, Constantine (much better than I expected), Destroy All Humans, sleep, Destroy All Humans, Teenagers From Outer Space, Firefly, Firefly, sleep.

Did I mention that we finished Destroy All Humans? We did.

Anyway, we've been re-watching all of Firefly. Actually, we finished that this weekend too, started from when Seth was visiting. Firefly is up there with Sports Night for a show I'll be able to rewatch literally an infinite number of times. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming movie. I am certainly damn glad to get it, but nothing will compare to, well as Whedon put it, the 190 page epic which was essentially Season Two and his first attempt at a movie script.

I guess if Serenity makes about $80 mill it will be up for consideration for sequels. I'll be doing my part.


Jeffool said...

Dear sir, I regret to inform you that your mentioning of television unnerves me. The most excellent show 'Scrubs' was not mentioned in your post of good shows. It is with this that I must cancel my subscription and demand a refund.

But yeah, I suggest at least a rental for Scrubs.

Josh said...

Oh, we lurve Scrubs. We kept tivoing it until we were all caught up.

They just have a lack of aliens to fit in with the theme from last season :)

shane said...

So you LIKED DAH? ;-) I wish I had a console kickin' around. I have to get me one of those. You need to add to "Six Feet Under" to your list. That's our fav' right now.

shane said...

Oops, hey you included Stargate? Good choice ;-)

Josh said...

We'll probably watch last night's Six Feet tonight. This season has been an amazing curtain call for the show, imo.

Josh said...

eh, by season - I mean last weekend.

Man, I gotta think and type in that order.

shane said...

Yeah I was quite upset that Nate had to go. I believe there's still a few episodes left too.

Josh said...

I think this week and then there's a extra-long episode finale.

Glad they could finish the show voluntarily. Always prefer that over a cancellation. Not sure if it was in any immediate jeapordy, but..