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Monday, August 15, 2005

Talk To Me, Jamie Kane

While aware of the BBC ARG Jamie Kane, I hadn't paid much attention until Boing Boing reported of it's invasion on the Wikipedia. ARGs are kinda weird beasts on their own right and often require a bit of role-playing from the players so seeing an overzealous fan try to update the real world with a fictional one, isn't really odd at all.

Kane also apparently has an element of ELIZA to it, pushing elements of the story via AI chatterbots. Somewhere out there exists a proper mixture of text adventure and text messaging, and it seems Kane is moving the goalstick out a bit.

Not sure if I'll dip in or not. ARGs are kinda hard to get into and even harder to get out of and I've got no idea if I have the time for that right now.

Update: Registered. Talk to a chatterbot acting like a 19yo boy band fan, which I gotta say is a bit of a barrier. The subject material isn't just IM culture orientated, but teen band orientated as well ... and I'm not really much of a member of either.

The chat was semi-convincing. Clearly a lot of hard work went into it, but it wasn't like "Jess" isn't capable of making a few stumbles. Turing's going to have to wait a little longer I guess. The trendy thing for describing HCI these days is declaring residency in the Uncanny Valley, and well ... the chat was definately somewhere between intrusive and casual.

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