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Friday, June 10, 2005

Wil Wheaton on SAG deal

If you want the voice actors perspective, then this is probably going to be one of the more informed blogopinions of the SAG deal that just went down recently, averting a potential voice actor strike in the games industry. I hate to spoil the ending for you ... but I'm going to spoil the end for you:

Again, I don't believe we were asking for points, per se, but I appreciate and agree with the sentiment.

Developers: We're on the same side, guys, and by playing into "Actors vs. Developers," you've let the game producers divide and conquer us. If you're getting screwed, why not organize a union? I seriously doubt they could replace programmers, designers, and developers with Becky and Don from ad sales. You've got to believe in yourself, and not undervalue the importance of your contribution to the final product. We should be talking about the common goals we have, and how we can reach then, rather than arguing about who is more important.
-- Wil Wheaton [] (thanks Boing Boing)

He explains residuals quite well and how they differ from profit-sharing, and you should read it for that ... but I kinda thought the white flag of truce is important to highlight here. It's not a simple issue with clear bad guys and good guys, and it's easy for the little guys to be the ones who lose out. Definately worth the full read. Also, I didn't know Wil did game reviews. Huh, maybe a certain magazine should change freelancers...


Matthew said...

Wil has a column there about old arcade games, too. That's the only review he's done so far, though.

I'd like to know how much he got for it, because I only ended up getting $50 each for the two reviews (Tekken 5 and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath) I did for them on spec. I'd like to know just how much being a celebrity is worth. It's a shame I can't afford to work that cheap, because I like their review format and the editor is a good guy.

And Wil is welcome to apply for my job anytime. Though I suspect he'll have a hard sell after summing up Area 51 by putting it at the same level as "the best of" Half-Life and Halo. I mean, that's a wee exuberant. He must have gotten a free copy of the game or something, I guess (*snicker*).

Josh said...

Ahh, snarky injoke prompts appropriately snarky aside. Now that's a Friday afternoon.

In seriousness though, both his Area 51 review and your Oddworld review point towards Halo, although yes - I do doubt "best of" could be accurate, although I get his gist. Plus, any review that doesn't make note of Duchovny's voice acting - which after XIII I can only be way dubious about - but perhaps he didn't want to bring down a fellow thespian.

But the point being ... how long until Halo isn't the shooter of comparison?