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Friday, June 10, 2005

Kutagari is full of hype

Oh, c'mon.

Of course, the PS3 can run Linux. If Linux can run, so can Lindows. Other PC Operating Systems can run too, such as Windows and Tiger (Max OS X 10.4), if the publishers want [them] to do so. Maybe a new OS might come out.
Ken Kutagari [] (thanks Shacknews)

How nonsensical is that? Sure, other operating systems can run on it. If someone wants to pony up the money to develop it. Now let's see ... will Microsoft spend oodles of money to make their OS run on a competitor's console? I doubt it. Will Apple add in more pain to their current OS migration by developing for the Cell? Nah uh. And can Lindows really do much magic without WINE being ported anyway? Probably not.

I think it's very nifty that you can buy an extra HD for the PS3 and it will mysteriously have a version of Linux on it. But unless you want to talk about the tools I'll need on my Mac, or someone else will need to on their Windows box, to develop new software for it ... I don't know why we're talking crazy.

This is how fanboys get born. Right now, some poor chap is arguing some other guy about how his PS3 is going to run Tiger. Instead of hype or mythical applications - let's talk about seriously giving users an open framework to use their PS3 as a computer. Because a supercomputer doesn't run on empty words, Kutagari.

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