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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mac Game Devs on Intel Mac

Seen on the cliffs of games.slashdot would be this excellent set of perspectives from real life Mac developers:

mean, I don't assume we're going to see a bigendian x86 chip in the Mac or an Altivec unit at all (SSE2 will be the thing, I assume), so really, in terms of porting, this actually makes the job of moving games to the Mac're now dealing with moving code to Mac frameworks and not to an otherwise alien architecture. And really, the PowerPC has been holding the Mac back, both in technical terms and mindshare.
-- Ryan Gordon, Epic Games []

I vaguely remember Ryan popping up on the Unreal support lists sometimes and remember thinking that he seemed hella smart. His perspective alone forced about three blinks while reading it, but the gamut of talent speaking up is impressive. Makes my silly iconographic math look like all that kind of children's scrawling, that's for sure. So stop reading this drek and go read them instead. This could impact all computer games as it starts shift the old teutonic plates of the market.

Update: Can't believe I scanned past this quote from Ryan the first time:

Gaming is an inevitability. When all the whores have run to the consoles because "it makes financial sense," the void will be immediately filled by independents that now have a worldwide market of powerful computers, a distribution channel on the internet, and no's not like people are going to stop playing games on their computers, regardless of what makes "financial sense" to the game houses.

Yup. Hella smart.

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