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Monday, June 20, 2005

That Imported PSP in the Window

Ferrago is reporting that Sony is strong-arming small UK retailers to stop importing the PSP to their shores. I really don't get this - a sale is a sale. Yeah, I'm sure there's some global demomarkeconomicgoober rule that it's bad to bring numbers from on market to another, particularly when you're already considering hiring trained pandas in order to make enough of the damn thing to fulfill the orders. But my high school level of economics still sees a sale as a sale. If Sony had really wanted to crack down on small retailers, they should have found those people selling the $250 "value" pack for like $399 just because they knew it would be in short order during the launch.

Oddly, I get decreasingly likely to get a PSP. If someone gave it as a gift, I'd probably enjoy the hell out it - but it really doesn't seem like a form factor that I'd haul around enough to justify the purchase. Maybe once the DS and PSP have more robust wifi and web browsing options I'll re-examine them.

Still, it's funny that Sony is having problems like this - when there was so much forum furor about how the PSP just wouldn't sell.


Winkyboy said...

"If someone gave it as a gift, I'd probably enjoy the hell out it"

You definitely would. It's worth HAVING, for certain, but I'm still positive I wouldn't have one if I hadn't won one. They're just a WEE bit pricey if you're not swimming in the disposable income pool.

Josh said...

Yeah, it's just like, $75 over what I need to simply pick one up. Problem with the $250 price point is that it's getting dangerously close to something like a Treo ... which while far less sexy is way more functional.