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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Carnival III: Revenge of the Carnies

Corvus has the third Carnival of Gamers staked out. Plus Ten Carnie Points to him for presenting an illustrated version.

And let's highlight this bit of CoG III:

Oh, and please don’t run away when it’s all over folks. We’d like to know what you think of our sideshows and, more specifically, we’d like to know which entry you liked best. On Monday the 27th, I’ll be naming your overall favorite entry “The Geek Supreme of the Carnival of Gamers III” and sending the author a mysterious prize. I can’t do that, unless you toss in your $.02. So feel free to take a spin through and head back to leave your impressions!

So let Corvus know your favorite. I particularly like Thomas' twitchiness of guns, but I haven't read them all just yet ... though props also goes to Kutagari Watch, which should really be a sideshow affair at this point.

I almost submitted the Dad Day bit since I rarely write anything like that, but 60 Minutes just got under my skin too much.

Next Carnival will be here on July 7th. You can go ahead and email submissions to the Carnival Grue at carniegrue at and it will wait in some dark corner for my brass lantern to go out. Or deliver the email. It's somewhat unpredictable.

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