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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Simply SAGing

I did want to get a quick bit in today about SAG's refusal of the voice acting contract. This should sum it up quite well:

With its latest move, SAG's National Executive Committee killed the deal between its members and gaming companies. AFTRA's National Administrative Committee approved the deal last week, and it will go into effect for members on July 1.

Many actors who do voice-over work in games belong to both unions, and will therefore be covered by AFTRA.
- Video game stocks mixed after SAG rejects contract

It's interesting to note that this was large enough to upset stocks a bit, but at the same time is something of a non-issue, as contracts can move ahead under AFTRA. So SAG gets to look like it's being brave, the publishers get to keep what they agreed originally and the little guys? Heck, seems like voice actors, developers, producers and the rest of the lot are just about where they were when this got started.

This seems more like a warning shot than war right now. But as video games hollywood up more and more, expect it to keep coming back again and again. So I guess the real question is - should technical people in games union up to protect themselves against the day a publisher has to redraw a budget to pay residuals?

Heck, should technical people just get a union to protect themselves ... period? It seems like everyone in the movie industry has a union ... why should developers stay without one?

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