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Monday, March 28, 2005

TV Spotlight: The Office and Bruce Campbell

The girl and I are fans of the British comedy, The Office, and as such were suspicious of NBC making a rendition. Most British shows that work over here are more along the lines of game shows or reality shows - comedy gets chewed up through American studios. I remember stumbling upon the American attempt at Ab Fab I'm still talking to a therapist about that one.

I'll say NBC has done a remarkable job of not falling into that syndrom. The American remake is quite close to it's source. They seem to be relying much more on the antics of the boss (and obviously, Steve Carrel himself). Much of the pacing, style and offbeat quality remains in place - it will just take some time to tell if it can be as hypnotic as the Brit's work.

On the flip side of disappointment - that being where disappointment does set in and beat you senseless - we taped Bruce Campbell in Alien Apocalypse. Holy ouch. That was painfully bad. I know Sci Fi spends all of $50 and a six pack on these Saturday matinee affairs - but Bruce...Bruce? Someone should have casted him in Doom to make up for all the Duke Nukem malarky. I mean, Bruce, my man, whenever the script calls for an ass-kicking chiropracter ... just say no.

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